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Shooting Techniques (2012)
Mark and Angela Walley
Sound |
2012 |
| English
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    The video artists, played by Remy Bordas and Marisa Finos, are loosely based on filmmakers Mark and Angela Walley
    Husband and wife film-making team Mark and Angela Walley have been collaborating for over a decade. Walley Films, their independent studio, is based in San Antonio, Texas. 
    This film is also loosely based on the filmmakers' collaborative relationship with Texas  artists Matthew Van Hellen and Jeremiah Teutsch. 
    These clips are sampled from historical footage from a police training video from the 1950's that is available on the Texas Archive of the Moving Image website. The short clip, titled Criminal Interrogation, was submitted to the archive by the Texas Department of Public Safety Historical Museum and Research Center. https://www.texasarchive.org/library/index.php?title=Criminal_Interrogation
    These clips are sampled from a 1979 film created by multiple police departments to teach law enforcement officers proper gun fighting techniques in extreme situations. The film, which was restored by John D'Amico, is available on the Texas Archive of the Moving Image. https://www.texasarchive.org/library/index.php?title=2014_00058