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The Richard S. "Cactus" Pryor Collection, no. 5 - Pryors and Faulks in Mexico
Cactus and Peggy Davis Pryor
Silent |
1950s |
| English
  • Map
  • Highlights
    Evelyn Faulk (L) and Paul Pryor (R), Frank Dobie Faulk in background
    Paul Pryor climbing tree
    Frank Dobie Faulk (L) and Paul Pryor (R)
    Lynne Smith Faulk
    John Henry Faulk and Lynne Faulk
    Children (L-R): Paul Pryor, Frank Dobie Faulk, Evelyn Faulk, and Johanna Faulk
    Johanna Faulk waving at camera
    Lynne and Cactus Pryor play a round of golf