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The 1991 Texas Inauguration of Governor Ann Richards
Cactus and Peggy Davis Pryor
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    Henry Cisneros and Bob Phillips introduce each other
    San Antonio's Edgewood School District lines up to lead the march
    The march begins
    (L-R) Cecile Richards, Kirk Adams, Ann Richards, and Dan Richards (L-R)
    Bastrop County Democratic Party
    Ann Richards
    "The People of Texas are Back" banner, Barbara Jordan quote from her endorsement of Richards
    Ann Richards reaches the capitol grounds
    Lubbock Loves Ann
    Texas Southern University Ocean of Soul Dance Band
    Rio Grande Valley marches
    Waco citizens marching, "Home of the Governor"
    Harris County for Ann
    Austin's McCallum High School
    Austin Mayor Lee Cooke
    The Governor's Mansion
    ASL translator for the ceremony
    Former Texas First Lady Rita Clements speaks about her husband's inauguration
    Inaugural Prayer Service at Camp Mabry
    Molly Ivins joins Henry Cisneros and Bob Phillips to host the inauguration ceremony
    Texas Longhorn Band plays the ceremony
    Texas elementary school students offer advice to Governor Richards
    Lt. Governor Bill Hobby tells stories about previous inaugurations
    The hosts spot Texas legislators in the crowd
    Republican State Senator Cyndi Krier of San Antonio speaks about Governor Richards
    Colbert Elementary students (Dayton) give a Texas history lesson rap!
    Marvin Elementary students (Waxahachie) put on a program for Governor Richards
    Former Governor Mark White (right)
    Texas State Representative Ron Wilson of Houston (left, with camera)
    Kids slide down a hill on the capitol grounds on cardboard boxes
    Lt. Governor Bill Hobby tells another story about a previous inauguration
    The Longhorn Band plays "America the Beautiful" as the Armed Forces Color Guard brings the Texas and American flags out
    Texas A&M's Ross Volunteers Honor Guard makes an arch of their sabers and a 19 Gun Salute echoes as Ann Richards makes her entrance
    Lady Bird Johnson takes her seat on the platform
    Governor Richards' mother and youngest daughter Ellen take their seat
    Former Press Secretary to Lady Bird Johnson, Liz Carpenter, seated behind Ellen
    (L-R) Cecile's husband Kirk Adams with daughter Lily on lap, Cecile Richards, Dan Richards, Governor Ann Richards
    Lt. Governor Bob Bullock, wife Gloria Jan Felts Bullock, daughter Lindy Bullock-Ward, grandson, and son Robert D.  Bullock, Jr.
    Acclaimed Texan opera singer Barbara Conrad performs the National Anthem
    Liz Carpenter
    Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives Gib Lewis calls the House to Order
    Invocation given by Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell of Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston
    Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Texas Thomas R. Phillips begins the swearing in of Lt. Governor Bob Bullock
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