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The San Antonio River Foundation - Paseo del Arte: Expanding the San Antonio River Walk (2009)
San Antonio River Foundation
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2009 |
| English
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  • Highlights
    San Antonio's beating heart
    Genesis of San Antonio river walk
    Channel expansion
    Boat locks engineering marvel
    Budgetary shortfall
    San Antonio River Foundation
    Public artwork installations
    Martin Richmond "Shimmer Field"
    Ethel Harris "The Mural"
    Rolando Briseno shaded walkways
    Stewart Allen color changing panels
    Mark Schlesinger glowing concrete sculptural work
    Bill Fontana soundscape
    Lone Star Brewery bridge revived
    George Schroeder forged bridge railings
    Carlos Cortez "Grotto"
    Donald Lipski "Fish"
    Project team leaders reflect
    A new chapter