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The KHOU-TV Collection - News Clips, March 24, 1971
Houston Metropolitan Research Center
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    SW Rapist Caught - Police escort a man wearing a torn shirt into a room; his face is never visible.
    Deady Jr Hi - Exterior footage of James S. Deady Junior High (now Deady Middle School) and interviews with students and faculty following a racial incident on campus. According to newspapers, the incident began between two female students calling each other names and escalated into a fifteen-person fight, ending with five injured students.
    Johnsons Problems - Exterior footage of Albert Sidney Johnston Junior High School (now Johnston Middle School) and an interview with a faculty member about the ongoing crisis in student grooming and hygiene. 
    Late Murder - Brief footage of police gathering evidence and taking photographs at a crime scene.
    Socialists at City Council - Leaders of the Socialist party appear before the city council in regards to a rash of terrorist attacks against them, defending themselves against accusations that they bombed their own headquarters.
    Sports #1, - NCAA Tournament Semifinals practice at the Astrodome, including interviews with Villanova coach Jack Kraft and Western Kentucky coach Johny Oldham before their NCAA Semifinal match up.
    Sports - Footage of Villanova and Western Kentucky players practicing in the Astrodome before the NCAA Semifinal.
    Sports - Silent footage of UCLA practicing in the Astrodome during the NCAA Semifinals, including shots of legendary coach John Wooden. 
    New Library - Silent footage of Houston City Council members viewing a model of the new downtown Houston Public Library building.
    Deady Jr Hi - Silent footage of the exterior of Deady Junior High School (now Deady Middle School.)
    Rapist - silent footage of the man from the "SW Rapist Caught" clip listed above is shown sitting in a room with his back to the camera.