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San Antonio: The Heart of Texas (c. 1975)
Kathryn L. Rhoads
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c. 1975 |
| English
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    When the ad agency and SA Convention and Visitors Bureau staff went to LA to do the voice over for this video, narrator Ricardo Montalbon did the whole film in only 1 take!
    The Spanish built dams, bridges and missions along the San Antonio River
    The Alamo
    San Antonio's beautiful River Walk and skyline
    Historic governor's palace
    Early German settlers left their mark on King William's Street
    Spanish, German, Mexican Irish, and many other cultures have blended over the centuries in San Antonio
    San Antonio's Institute of Texas Cultures (folk life festival) celebrates diverse Texas cultures with song, dance, and food
    Fiestas and parades
    Miniature railroad rides in Brackenridge Park
    Skyrides over gardens
    The San Antonio Zoo - one of America's largest zoos
    Sports are big in San Antonio - soccer, lacrosse, basketball, especially the San Antonio Spurs, and even polo
    Vaqueros brought civilization to Texas on horseback
    February is Stock Show and Rodeo time
    Mexican charreadas - master horseman display their skills
    La Villita
    The McNay Art Museum is nationally recognized for its collection of Impressionist art
    San Antonio's unique Market Square
    Texas beaches are less than a morning's drive away
    Mission San José is one of the most beautiful Spanish missions in the United States, and has a Mariachi Mass
    Mission Concepción is over two hundred years old, and is the oldest un-restored church in the United States
    Mission Espada is the Church of the Sword
    Mission San Juan Capistrano
    San Fernando Cathedral
    The Alamo, San Antonio's most famous mission, remains a symbol of the sacrifices of those who fought and died for an independent Texas
    Military celebrations
    Modern performing arts
    Dining in style in San Antonio
    There is always entertainment along the River Walk, particularly in the evenings
    Music and "Cotton Eye Joe" dancing
    "Day or night the parade goes on" in San Antonio
    Fiestas de las Luminarias 
    Various River Walk scenes, including the Space Needle, with music