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The Father Emil Wesselsky Collection - Viva Max! (1969)
Emil Wesselsky
Silent |
1969 |
| English
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  • Highlights
    The vehicle operated by horse trainer and wrangler Ralph McCutcheon
    F&B Ceco Inc. vehicle, the largest motion picture rental facility at the time
    English actor Peter Ustinov in his dressing room
    The novel Viva Max! written by James Lehrer
    Camera operator on crane in the Alamo plaza in San Antonio
    Ustinov on horseback followed by his Mexican brigade 
    Female lead and model Pamela Tiffin signing autographs
    Actor and famous comedian Jonathan Winters signing autographs 
    Actor Harry Morgan signing autographs
    Protest sign in the crowds
    Horse trainer Ralph McCutcheon with horse
    Actor John Astin in costume
    Director Jerry Paris working through a scene with actors
    Footage changes to an older couple vacationing in New Orleans 
    Loyala Univ. street sign and cable car