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The Avena-Wilson Collection, no. 1 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Funeral Procession (1968)
Richard Avena, Linda Wilson, Rebecca Avena
Silent |
1968 |
| English
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    View of El Paso from Ciudad Juarez
    Jesus, Celia, and Esther Avena
    Martin Luther King, Jr. Funeral Procession
    Dr. King's coffin. The tall pallbearer near the front of the casket is John Parent, a student from Morehouse College. Parent's uncle is civil rights activist Whitney Young.
    Civil Rights leader and current U.S. Representative John Lewis (foreground) and Rev. Samuel "Billy" Kyles (background)
    United States Senators Wayne Morse from Oregon (L) and Edward Brooke from Massachusetts (R)
    United States Senator from New York Jacob K. Javits (L)
    Former Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee program secretary Cleveland Sellers, Jr. (center, background) and SNCC field secretary Mukasa Dada, then known as Willie Ricks (center, foreground) 
    Black Power leader and former SNCC chairman Kwame Ture, then known as Stokely Carmichael (background)
    New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller (R) and wife Happy Rockefeller (L)
    Michigan Governor George W. Romney (L) and comedian Dick Gregory (R)
    Boxer Floyd Patterson
    Civil rights activist Myrlie Evers (later known as Myrlie Evers-Williams) and her daughter, Reena Denise. Myrlie Evers was the widow of Medgar Evers, who served as Mississippi field secretary for the NAACP. He was assassinated by Byron De La Beckwith in 1963.
    United States Senator from New York Bobby Kennedy and his administrative assistant Earl G. Graves, Sr. (R)
    Richard Nixon (L) and NBA star Wilt Chamberlain (R), possibly Etta James over Nixon's left shoulder
    Linda Wilson in Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C.