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Plants, Products, and People
Lake Jackson Historical Museum
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1960s |
| English
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    Plants, Products, and People introduction to Dow Chemical and its work
    Ethylene products produced in Michigan and Texas
    Meeting of Caustic Group responsible for Caustic Soda production
    Ion Exchange Resin production plants "Dowex"
    Vinyltoluene plant in Midland, Michigan
    Latex Plant in Sarnia, Ontario
    Styron made in Midland and California for plastic molding
    Saran factory producing saran wrap in Michigan
    Uses of Saran plastic
    Research at Dow
    W.R. Beasely Research in Texas
    Midland Library for research and patent office
    Agricultural chemicals used in citrus fruit and weed killing
    Signal Field Oil Field used by Dow
    Magnesium factory in Madison, Illinois
    Petroleum industry trucks
    Transportation systems owned by Dow
    Dow Chemical Purchasing Department
    Oyster shell delivery in Freeport, Texas
    Dow Teletype Network
    Dow International Sales
    The people of Dow
    Texas Division Ten Year Working Award Photo
    Dow Recreation Activities
    Dow Facilities in Los Angeles
    Dow Facilities in Texas
    Family picnics in Texas
    Michigan facilities
    Midland Michigan communities