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The Dow Chemical Collection - Scenes of Brazosport and Freeport Texas (1979)
Lake Jackson Historical Museum
  • Map
  • Highlights
    Fishing along the gulf coast
    Great Egret landing near the Dow Chemical Plant
    Gulls and terns on chemical plant equipment
    Bird watchers observing birds in the Plant's vicinity
    Shrimp boat coming into harbor
    Oil tanker in port
    Fishing along the port
    Dow chemical water tower
    Oil tanker leaving port
    Surfer surfing
    Shrimp boat leaving port, passing oil tanker
    Gulls and terns in the port's estuaries
    Scenes with bird watchers
    Boats along the gulf port channel
    Scenes of boats entering and exiting port
    Small bird running along the beach.
    Bird watchers trekking through forest to photograph birds
    Great egrets wading in a pool near chemical plant