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The Dow Chemical Collection - Founder's Day Ceremony (1963)
Lake Jackson Historical Museum
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    The Founder's Day program also included a parade, fish fry, frog-jumping contest, fiddler's contest, scout sky divers, and costume contest.
    Ernie Rae, Lake Jackson's mayor, served as master of ceremonies during the program
    Guest speaker Ben Ramsey, former lieutenant governor and then railroad commissioner
    "I liken myself to the man in the football game who makes the kickoff, then leaves the game," Dr. A.P. Beutel remarked. "I have let the citizens take over."
    Alden B. Dow speaks
    Beutel chose the site for Lake Jackson in 1942, intending the city to serve as a community for Dow workers. Dow, a renowned architect, then designed the budding town and supervised its development. At the time of its 20th anniversary, Lake Jackson boasted a population of around 12,000.
    Dow engineer Fred Latham oversees the plaque dedication ceremony. Latham suggested the Founder's Day celebration during a meeting of the Lake Jackson Jaycees.