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Joanne King Reads The Night Before Christmas―In Texas, That Is
Lois Perucca
No Sound on Film
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    Houston newsman Ron Stone introduces Joanne King
    The Night Before Christmas―In Texas, That Is, written by Leon Harris, was originally published in 1952.
    "'Twas the night before Christmas / In Texas, you know, / Way out on the prairie / (Without any snow)."
    "Asleep in their cabin / Were Buddy an Sue. / A-dreaming of Christmas / Like me and like you. / Not stockings, but boots, / At the foot of their bed, / For this was in Texas, / What more need be said?"
    King's two sons, Beau and Robin
    "The driver was ‘Geein', / And ‘hawin', with a will. / The hosses (not reindeer) / He drove with such skill. / ‘Come on there Buck, Pancho, / And Prince, to the right! / There'll be plenty of travelin' / For you-all tonight."
    Texas-style Santa