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UT Longhorns vs Arkansas Razorbacks (1963)
Gordon Wilkison
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    Tommy Ford (24), UT tailback, drives in several plays
    Tommy Ford scores UT's first touchdown on 1-yard rush
    Harold Philipp (35), UT fullback, breaks tackles and rushes 55-yards until Jerry Lamb makes the tackle
    Ford scores UT's second touchdown on 4-yard rush
    UT quarterback, Duke Carlisle (11), completes pass play to George Sauer (84)
    Tony Crosby (91) kicks in a field goal for 3 more Longhorn points
    Jackie Brausell completes 90-yard kickoff return for the Razorbacks
    Razorbacks score on a pass-play connected by QB Jon Brittenum to wingback Stan Sparks
    UT's defense seals the fate of Arkansas when Scott Appleton (70) tips the Razorback pass which was then caught by UT defender Timmy Doerr (32)