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The Raiford H. Burton Collection, no. 2 - Texas Centennial and WWII Scrap Metal Drive (1930-43)
Bettie G. Burton
Silent |
1930, 1936, 1930s, 1942-43 |
 Color & B/W 
| English
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    1930 Andrews, TX Sand Storm
    Garden of the Gods CO in 1930
    Amerada Geophysical Crew working
    Texas Centenial Exposition Dallas 1936
    Grand Lake CO abt. 1942
    Clyde Crockett, age 2, with G.C.
    Big Lake, TX wedding of Carl and Jessie Bewick with J.R. and Ann Bewick
    Freeport, TX abt. 1942.  G.C. Hardman, Jr., Bettie Holland Hardman
    Freeport, TX abt. 1943.  WWII Scrap Metal Drive
    G.C. Hardman, Jr. and David Crockett