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The Raiford H. Burton Collection, no. 5 - Outdoor Fun (1945-50)
Bettie G. Burton
Silent |
1945-50 |
| English
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    Carl Bewick with son Jerry
    Big Lake Elementary School with Suzanne Southgate
    G.C. Hardman, Jr., Bettie (Holland) Hardman
    Jerry Bewick
    Linda Harris
    Cherrie Kay Griffith
    Birthday Party Susan Dean
    Patty Ann Bewick, Gayle McMullan
    Slim Singleton w/horse and daughter Judy riding
    Big Lake First Methodist Church abt. 1848-9.  Rev. and Mrs. Kattner, Floyd and D.K. McMullan
    Devil's River near Sonora, TX
    Freeport, TX
    Stage Coach in New Mexico