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Waggoner Carr at McMurry University Commencement (1966)
Gordon Wilkison
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1966 |
| English
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    Attorney General Waggoner Carr delivers his "Un-Civil" Disobedience speech
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    Tonight I have become forever linked with McMurray Colllins.
    I have joined you the students and graduates of this outstanding college in binding my ties with the spirit and the tradition and the excellence of McMurray.
    We now share a common bond, a belief in God and the greatest of America.
    At this moment within America, men will forsake our goodness, they will defy the society in which you step, perhaps they will steal from a neighbor, rob a stranger, or murder, or rape.  Still others will join as a mob to riot and to loot and ultimately attack the policemen who protest the lawlessness.
    The words rights and riots are phonetically sympathetic to the ear.  Some consider the two words indistinguishable in sound and unequivocable in context.  They are not!  For the distant drummer, the words become inseparably one, but they are not!
    It is no ones right to riot for any reason, for any reason.  Man has no permit to murder.  God certainly issued no mandate, no lawlessness when he made us in his image.  He gave us both the fury and the compassion.  In God's eyes these two words are the same.
    We have our fury, let us use it to produce a front against poverty, not the impoverished, hunger, not the hungry, ignorance, not the ignorant.  Sins and crimes of man, not the color of his skin or the shape of his cross.
    The moment any citizen of America decides he has the right to break any law he disagrees with, that citizen has contributed to the ultimate destruction of our nation.  His example leads to anarchy.