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Let's Talk About It! - Will Wilson Campaign Ad (1961)
Gordon Wilkison
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1960s |
| English
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    After Lyndon Baines Johnson was elected Vice President in 1960, a special election was called to fill his newly vacant seat in the Senate. Because it was a special election, anyone residing in the district who paid the appropriate filing fee could be listed on the ballot. As a result, 71 names were posted, including Texas' first African-American and female candidates. Wilson ultimately lost to Republican John Tower, the first Republican from Texas elected to the Senate since Reconstruction.
    "Other national leaders are as concerned as Will Wilson with Cuba's present role in world affairs. What was once the hemisphere's favorite playground has now become a funnel of communist propaganda. Of Castro's communist designs there is no doubt. A recent magazine article tells of his demand that Cuban parents send gifted children to school in Russia. So day the day may soon come when a straight A report card may be an indirect passport to Moscow."