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Watermarks of History: An Informal Memoir of Brazoria County (1959)
Brazoria County Historical Museum
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1959 |
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    Introduction to Brazoria County
    Some aerial views of present-day Brazoria County
    The Intracoastal Canal
    Surfside, established in 1890, formerly the site of Old Velasco
    Old Quintana
    Dow Chemical Plant A, started in 1940
    The town of Freeport sprung up around the Freeport Mining Company in 1912
    Old Brazoria, a great Texas port in the 1830s, was laid out by John and Stephen F. Austin in 1828
    West Columbia, the first capital of the Texas Republic after the revolution
    Stephen Austin brought his first colonists to Brazoria County in 1821
    Early settlers clashed with the Karankawa, one of the Native American groups inhabiting the region at the time
    Scenes of early Brazoria sketched by a traveler in 1831
    Unrest grows in the colonies
    In 1833, colonists send Stephen F. Austin to Mexico to negotiate the development of their own state government
    An 1835 edition of the Texas Republican newspaper recounts the General Consultation of the People called together by Austin to form a new state
    Portraits of a number of important players in the Texas Revolution, such as Branch T. Archer
    The history of the Alamo
     Sam Houston is inaugurated as first president of the Texas Republic
    Drawing of the first capitol building at Columbia
    The history of the Meir Expedition
    By the time of Texas' annexation in 1845, the state had grown rich from the cotton and sugarcane industries
    A drawing of Peach Point Plantation, where Austin made his headquarters
    History of the Brazoria County involvement in the Civil War
    Brazoria County was long in recovery from the Civil War
    Brazoria County hurricanes over the years
    The first train arrived in Freeport in 1913
    A bridge, built over dry land in 1928, signifies the nearing completion of the effort to re-channel the Brazos river around Freeport and Velasco