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The Hester Collection - General MacArthur and Stewart Beach (1950-1)
Don Hester
Silent |
1950 |
| N/A
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    General Douglas MacArthur arrives in Houston with wife Jean MacArthur and son Arthur MacArthur IV on June 14, 1951. Upon his arrival, the general drove to Galveston for a parade before returning to Houston to deliver an address at Rice Institute Stadium (now Rice Stadium). Houston was the second stop on MacArthur's Texas tour. The previous day, he gave a speech on the steps of the Texas State Capitol Building in Austin. After Houston, MacArthur flew to San Antonio, where he visited his alma mater, Texas Military Institute, and spoke at the Alamo. He finished his visit in Dallas with a civic reception, parade, and night address in the Cotton Bowl. In all of his speeches, MacArthur criticized the Truman Administration for its limited-war strategy in the fight against communism in Asia. President Truman had relieved MacArthur of his commands two months earlier after the general made public statements that contradicted national policy. 
    En route to Austin
    Bastrop State Park
    Congress Avenue and the Texas State Capitol Building
    University of Texas at Austin campus, including the UT Tower
    Poolside picnic
    Birthday party
    Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico
    Kiddieland in Houston
    Stewart Beach in Galveston
    On the gulf