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SMU at Texas (1968)
Gordon Wilkison
Silent |
1968 |
| English
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  • Highlights
    Texas receives on the opening kickoff
    The Longhorns retain possession of the ball after a punt attempt
    A second Texas touchdown makes the score 14-0
    SMU intercepts a pass by James Street near the goal line
    Touchdown SMU
    Start of the second quarter
    The Longhorns answer with another touchdown, making the score 21-7
    Failed field goal attempt
    SMU quarterback Chuck Hixson fumbles the ball after a sack
    The Mustangs try to score on fourth down
    Start of the third quarter
    SMU intercepts the ball in the end zone
    Texas extends its lead with another touchdown
    A field goal makes the score 31-7
    SMU fumbles at the Texas 4-yard line
    Start of the fourth quarter
    A final touchdown makes the score 38-7