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The Porter Click Family, no. 3 - Family Home Scenes (1942)
Carla Click
Silent |
1942 |
| English
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    Harry Dunno's friend "Uncle" Bob, wife Amelia Adeline "Millie" Click Dunno, unknown, and son Bobby (L-R) 
    Harry Jr., Uncle Bob, and Bobby
    Uncle Bob and dog Trixie, Bobby and Harry on fender
    Aunt Millie driving the car with the boys in the front seat
    Millie on left and Martha Jean Phipps Click on right
    Margaret Francis Click and Porter Bynam Click, Jr.
    Martha, Millie, and unknown neighbor
    Park on S Flores St. in San Antonio with pony rides
    Olmos Park north of San Antonio
    Bobby and Harry throw rocks in Olmos Creek
    Bobby and Harry horseplaying
    Porter Jr. and mother, Katie Mae Long Click
    Millie and Clifford Andrew Packham, a railroad man, married to Porter Sr.'s oldest sister
    Nonnie Belle White Click
    Katie Click on left, Margaret coming down stairs
    Nonnie Belle Click on left
    Swimming in the San Antonio River
    Sidney and Nonnie Belle's home in San Antonio - SW 37th Street
    Porter Sr. holding Porter Jr. on left, Margaret and Nonnie Belle, Clifford Packham, Millie and her children Harry and Bobby, unknown, Isabelle, Clifford's wife Nonnie White Click Packham, unknown on far right
    Porter Jr. and Margaret
    Bobby come to push
    Clifford and Nonnie White Packham
    Harry Lewis Sr. and Millie Dunno
    Sidney Marvin Click
    Sidney holding Margaret and Porter, Jr.
    Porter Bynum Click, Sr.
    Sidney chasing Margaret