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Texas Film Commission 25th Anniversary (1996)
Texas Film Commission
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    Reporters Stephanie Rochon and Dick Ellis trace the origins of the Texas film industry back to James T. "Happy" Shahan
    Lisa Leigh speaks with Texas-born actor and writer Turk Pipkin
    Actor and comedian Pauly Shore wishes the Texas Film Commission happy birthday
    Musician Joe Ely, born in Amarillo and raised in Lubbock, performs
    A look at the many Texas-born Hollywood stars
    The filmmaking benefits of Texas's diverse terrain
    Austin-based band Rainravens performs
    Producer Lynda Obst discusses why she likes setting projects in Texas
    Austin-based band Storyville performs
    Storyville performs another song
    Actor Chuck Norris discusses his motivation for doing Walker Texas Ranger
    Then Governor George W. Bush explains why he wants Texas to become the home for film
    Joe Ely performs another song
    Rochon and Ellis list some of the many films made in Texas, including Wings (1927), which won the first Academy Award for Best Picture
    Joe Ely closes the program