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Texas State Technical College Archive Collection, no. 8 - Humphrey Campaign Rallies (1968)
Texas State Technical College Library
Silent |
1968 |
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    Sonny Bono helps to fire up the crowd in Waco
    Governor of Texas John Connally introduces the candidate
    Presidential nominee Vice President Hubert Humphrey takes the podium
    Humphrey does the honor at a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Rio Grande Technical Manpower Skill Center in Harlingen. He is accompanied by Connally, General Earl Rudder, and Senator Ralph Yarborough, as well as celebrities like Bono, Chubby Checker, and Lee Majors.
    Several George Wallace supporters showed up at the rally to protest comments Humphrey made about the third-party candidate in Waco. Humphrey had described Wallace as anti-labor and a "frustrated segregationalist." Referring to Republican candidate Richard Nixon as "Richard the Silent," he also called Wallace "George the Loud." 
    Humphrey shakes hands with supporters in the crowd
    At a rally in Hillsboro