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The Democratic Faith: The Johnson Years
LBJ Library & Museum
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1960s |
| English
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    President Lyndon B. Johnson by a Texas river, possibly on his ranch
    Footage of President Franklin D. Roosevelt speaking about the New Deal in 1933
    Footage of President Harry S. Truman
    Footage of President John F. Kennedy
    LBJ speaks of carrying on the work begun by JFK
    Addressing economic inequality
    LBJ goes to Appalachia to visit with the rural poor
    Scenes from the Head Start program, including Lady Bird Johnson volunteering in classrooms
    The Education Act is passed in 1965
    President Johnson signs the Medicare Bill alongside Truman
    LBJ and civil rights
    An "outpouring" of new legislation from Congress
    President Johnson and Premier Alexei Kosygin meet in New Jersey in an attempt to lessen tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union
    LBJ's efforts in foreign relations
    The Vietnam War
    A meeting in Manila
    LBJ announces that he will not seek reelection