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Annual Message to the Congress on the State of the Union, January 4, 1965
LBJ Library & Museum
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1965 |
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  • Highlights
    Speaker of the House John William McCormack introduces President Lyndon B. Johnson
    Lady Bird Johnson and the two Johnson daughters watch from front row seats
    View of military officers
    President Johnson addresses the fight against Communism
    Teddy and Bobby Kennedy listen solemnly
    Regarding the Soviet Union
    Vietnam intervention
    Strengthen ties with Latin American countries
    Europe and the Reunification of Germany
    Help those countries seeking independence in Africa and Asia
    Growing population, scarcity of resources
    Goals of the American nation
    Proposal for programs in education, against disease, for improvement of cities, for environmental protection
    "First, we must keep our nation prosperous"
    A glimpse of Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall and other politicians
    "Second, we must open opportunity to all our people"
    "Our third goal is to improve the quality of American life"