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This Is Our Country (1968)
LBJ Library & Museum
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1968 |
| English
  • Highlights
    An unusual naturalization ceremony with Lady Bird Johnson
    Health, Education, and Welfare Secretary Wilbur Cohen discusses tour stops with the First Lady
    Visits the Teacher Corps at Xavier University in New Orleans, Louisiana
    Duke Ellington and Opera star Marian Anderson visit schools in New Orleans with the First Lady
    A lively New Orleans marching band
    The New Orleans Repertory Theater
    The nation's first Moon Port on Merritt Island
    Astronauts John Young and Walt Cunningham speak with Lady Bird about American achievements in space
    The press mingle and chat with the First Lady as they fly to their next destination
    Lady Bird speaks upon arriving in Denver, Colorado about health care and urban renewal
    In the stunning redwood forests a chorus performs "America the Beautiful" for their special guests
    Humboldt State College students set up a campfire and hot drinks to celebrate the dedication of the Redwood National Park
    Dr. Ralph Cheney, conservationist and president of Save the Redwoods League, tells the First Lady about the botany of the Redwood Forest
    The Tozawa Yurok, Native Americans indigenous to the Redwood area, perform a dance for Lady Bird
    A logging demonstration completes the First Lady's trip to the Redwood forests