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Too Frightening (Part I)
Robert H. Frye
Silent |
1970s |
| English
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  • Highlights
    Chester show off his coin flipping skills to a street gang
    KRLD news car
    New Harris Hotel, 927 South Harwood, Dallas (no longer standing)
    Chester has dinner with his little brother and mother, who tells him to get a job
    Municipal Building, Dallas
    Chester goes to the bank and becomes a hostage of bank robbers
    Majestic Theatre, Elm Street, Dallas
    A dance party breaks out at a car wash and Chester is tied up in a phone booth
    Chester seeks employment in show business by starting a one-man band
    Dallas' Medical Arts Pharmacy
    Chester decides to sell "Grit"
    A gang of hipsters forces Chester to eat his newspapers
    Dallas' Baker Hotel (since demolished) in background
    H. L. Green variety store/Wilson Building, corner of Elm and Ervay