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The Ramon Galindo Collection, no. 9 - Home Movie Compilation
Ramon Galindo
1957 - 1968
  • Map
  • Highlights
    Driving north on Congress Avenue
    Westgate Tower
    Southern Pacific Depot at 3rd Street and Congress
    Fishing on Town Lake
    First United Methodist Church 
    Construction of the Westgate Tower
    Construction on the Tower of the Americas and HemisFair '68
    Bergstrom Air Force Base
    Close up of HemisFair Arena and the Tower of the Americas
    Air show at Bergstrom Air Force Base
    Car race
    Barbeque with family
    Children playing
    Magic show
    Magic show in storefront window on Congress Avenue
    Hancock Opera House
    Shot of Congress Avenue
    O Henry Hall on 6th street and Colorado street, formerly the U.S. Post Office and Federal Building
    Capital view
    Bickler Academy, on 11th street and Interstate 35
    Parade on Congress Avenue
    Astrodome in Houston
    Downtown Houston
    The Warwick Hotel in Houston
    View of Austin skyline from South shore of Town Lake
    View of Town Lake, East of Congress Avenue
    Interstate 35 bridge over Town Lake
    Speedboat races on Town Lake
    Easter pageant
    Driving on Interstate 35 in Austin
    A pioneer farm
    Packer Jack, Austin's television personality
    Petting Zoo