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Mrs. Gandhi and LBJ - Begin Talks Seeking Wider Understanding
The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
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    Indira Gandhi
    White House, Washington, DC
    Lyndon Johnson and Indira Gandhi
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    In the loneliness of her high office which her father knew for 17 years, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi nevertheless continues the tradition of service to India that is synonymous with the names of Gandhi and Nehru.
    The problems of India are many and varied, but in the spirit of her blood and her name she has undertaken to solve them in the full knowledge, learned at her father's side, that her labors will be comparable with those of the fabled Hercules.
    Already unique, the first woman to hold such high office, Mrs. Gandhi has now embarked on a state visit to Washington to promote better relations between the United States, the most powerful democracy, and her India, the most populace. 
    And President Johnson sees to it that she gets a red carpet welcome with all the pomp and circumstance of which the capitol is capable.
    After lawn ceremonies, Mrs. Gandhi and the president proceed to a quiet talk in the chief executive's White House oval office. 
    Ninety historic minutes, face to face, east meets west, in the common bond of help and friendship.