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U.S. and Mexico Settle Border Dispute
The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
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    President Johnson and Mexican President Ordaz arrive to much fanfare
    The presidents sign the law to settle the dispute 
  • Transcript
    An enthusiastic welcome at the U.S.-Mexican border for presidents Johnson and Gustavo Diaz Ordaz arriving together to settle a century old border dispute. 
    Involved are 437 acres of scrub lands seperated from Mexico when the Rio Grande changed course in the 1850s. 
    The two leaders arrived after a jet flight from Washington, where President Ordaz was President Johnson's guest. 
    The Mexican president calls the signing "a triumph of law, reason, and justice."
    President Johnson states "an old argument has ended, a lasting bond has been forged between our countries."
    The two leaders seal the agreement with clasped hands and the flags symbolize good neighbors.