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'The War Wagon' Dual City Premiere
The U.S. National Archives and Records Administration
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  • Highlights
    Jack Valenti
    Hardin-Simmons University White Horses
    Dallas' Majestic Theatre
    Valora Noland and Cactus Pryor
    Joanna Barnes and Cactus Pryor
    Burt Kennedy and Cactus Pryor
    Hardin-Simmons University Cowboy Band
    John Wayne and Cactus Pryor at the Worth Theatre
  • Transcript
    Three days of world premiere events for Universal's "The War Wagon" starring John Wayne and Kirk Douglas. What a welcome.
    Costar Bruce Cabot, longtime film favorite, receives a certificate which makes him honorary deputy sheriff.
    Full-scale press reception and barbecue is prepared by the same man who caters many of President Johnson's giant cookouts.
    It's all part of fun-filled festive days in the Lone Star state.
    Another highlight, a dinner reception for John Wayne, celebrating his birthday.
    Jack Valenti, Motion Picture Association President is host to many civic, social, and political leaders. 
    Wayne puffs and then both surprises and delights the gathering by chopping his birthday cake in true rugged Western frontier style. A pretty guest is aghast.
    World Premiere Day at Dallas Majestic Theatre. One of two simultaneous dual city openings, the other in Fort Worth.
    Duke Wayne arrives and makes an instant hit with the huge crowd of celebrity watchers.
    Valora Noland, featured in the film, makes a beautiful appearance, adding to the glamour and glitter of this major premiere.
    Joanna Barnes, also featured in "The War Wagon," decorates the premiere while the film's director Bert Kennedy explains the plotline of this big budget Technicolor Western which tells of the forerrunners of today's armored cars and tanks. 
    Fort Worth joins in this precedent-setting, Twin City double header premiere, with the spotlight on the Worth Theatre and John Wayne.
    Indian dancers add authentic atmosphere as both Dallas and Fort Worth lay aside city rivalry to welcome the opening of one of the year's major outdoor adventure films: Universal's "The War Wagon."