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Hilton Hotel Advertisement
Gordon Wilkison
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    Admittedly, Austin is the finest city in America in which to live.
    But, everyday, Austinites leave Austin,
    for business
    and for pleasure.
    And no matter where they go, travel-wise Austinites stay at a Hilton Hotel.
    In Hawaii
    In London
    In New York
    In Berlin
    Yes, north, east, south, west, it's Hilton hotels around the world for Austinites away from Austin.
    They know that at a Hilton Hotel, they will find the finest accommodations, ranging from lavish apartments, to smart, economical single rooms.
    They know the Hilton cuisine is consistently good from Houston to Hong Kong, with delightful restaurants, cocktail lounges, famous rooms for dancing and entertainment.
    Shops, private function rooms for social and business entertaining,
    Swimming pools, tennis courts, air conditioning and T.V.
    And most Austinites stay at a Hilton because they know that's where they're most likely to find most Austinites who also are away from Austin.
    Yes, it's nice to go travelling, but it's even nicer when you stay at a Hilton Hotel around the world.