New Releases: June 2013


New additions to the archive in June include news footage from the KOSA-TV Collection, concert footage from the Jim Ruddy Collection, and home movies and educational films from Abilene donor Jay Moore. Below, discover some of the exciting new pieces in the archive!

From the University of Texas of the Permian Basin in Odessa comes the KOSA-TV Collection, a collection of news footage from the 1970s and 80s from Midland-Odessa’s CBS affiliate. The collection includes several news stories covering serial killer Johnny Meadows, who, between the years of 1968 and 1971, committed a string of “lust murders” in Odessa and surrounding towns. News stories about Meadows in the KOSA-TV Collection include the search for the bodies of murder victimsa forensic psychic participating in the investigation, and Meadows’ arrest. Also from KOSA-TV are two news stories featuring then-future president George W. Bush, a West Texas resident at the time. In this clip, see Bush at the very beginning of his political career, campaigning for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in 1978 (which he ultimately did not win). In this interview from 1980, Bush speaks about his father’s vice-presidential nomination following the Republican National Convention in Detroit.  For more footage of American presidents, watch this clip of President Gerald Ford campaigning for Bill Fisher in Big Spring in 1978. Also be sure to watch this news story from 1980 of young men registering for the draft at a Midland-Odessa area high school. The reporter gets some very colorful answers when she asks what these young men think of the draft! 

New in the Jim Ruddy Collection this month is concert footage and interviews with the Dixie Chicks in 1992. The Dixie Chicks were playing at the Majestic Theatre in Dallas in their original lineup (before singer Natalie Maines joined the band) for the release of their 1992 record, Little Ol’ Cowgirl. In this clip, watch the Texas band show off their impressive bluegrass instrumentation talents. Martie Erwin can be seen on the fiddle, Emily Erwin on the banjo, Laura Lynch on upright bass, and Robin Lynn Macy on guitar. Watch the band play their song, “The Cowboy Lives Forever,” followed by the folk classic, “Little Willie,” in this video. Also see footage of the concert finale where the Dixie Chicks play their title track, “Little Ol’ Cowgirl” and Rose Maddox’s country classic, “The Big Ball’s in Cowtown.” 

Other new releases come from Abilene donor Jay Moore, whose grandparents, Lamar and Dixie Moore, owned two West Texas drilling companies—Moore and Moore Drilling Company and Moutray-Moore Drilling Company. See scenes of drilling crews and rigs in this home movie. In this video, watch the Moores erecting a miniature oil derrick in their front yard to display their name and house number, followed by scenes of drilling operations. Also included in the collection is Gone to Texas, an educational film that tells the story of the first Texas settlers and stars several members of Austin’s Faulk family, including legendary humorist John Henry Faulk’s daughter Cynthia and his nephew, actor Guich Koock, who is a Texas legend in his own right. Read more about Koock on the video page!  JFK assassination conspiracy theorists should be sure to check out this two part 1978 documentary that features interviews with key figures in several of the assassination investigations.

Enjoy and check back next month for more new releases from the archive!